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About Us

Knitwear Made For Good

Founded in New Zealand in the 1980’s our passion for producing the very best, timeless and enduring knitwear remains unchanged today. 100% of our collection is crafted with care in our Auckland workroom where sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do. From functional seamless knits to our distinctive textured structures, each part of the Standard Issue brand DNA continues to inspire new designs and shape their stories. In the design and production of each garment we consider environmental impact, aesthetic, functionality and longevity as equally imperative.

Zero Waste

We are a family striving to leave the land in a better way for the generations that will follow us. Utilising knitting technology to create garments free of waste, is at the forefront of Standard Issue design. From initial concepts through to production, our design and technical team use innovative and sustainable practices to minimise the environmental footprint on our beautiful home. With all our garments being made in-house, we are proud to have full control over every aspect of production and are dedicated to achieving a zero-waste chain for the complete lifecycle of each garment we create.

Natural Fibers

We make sure to use only 100% renewable or recycled natural fibres that have a low environmental impact. Before selecting to work with any fiber, in-house testing is completed to meticulously ensure it meets our quality standards. Our considered selection of the finest natural fibers coupled with our careful attention to detail, makes for long lasting knits that will only improve with time.

Care For Life

Our commitment and care for each garment we create goes beyond our workroom. We guarantee to care for the life of every garment we make and will take responsibility for its life, even after you’ve finished wearing it. We will work alongside you to continue the journey of your treasured knit to either Renew, Reuse or Repurpose it. Learn more about our Care For Life program by following the link under Explore.