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About us


Standard Issue was founded by Nigel Richards in the late 1980’s. The label developed a loyal following of local creatives who coveted its high quality merino knitwear and handmade shoes. In 1990 Standard Issue’s flagship store opened on Kitchener Street in Auckland. Standard Issue continued to grow until the point Nigel was able to wholesale exclusively to a national market.

In 2005 Phil Bramley took the brand under his wing. His advanced knitwear plant in Eden Terrace, Auckland, meant Standard Issue could expand into other yarns and utlise the latest international knitwear technologies.

Standard Issue remains 100% New Zealand designed and made to this day.


Standard Issue remains renowned for its unbeatable quality and meticulous manufacturing methods. Utilising wholegarment seamless knitting technology and top quality natural fibres, Standard Issue continues to create thoughtfully designed and sustainably made knitwear that will stand the test of time.

We source the best yarns from around the world and carefully test each one to ensure it performs to our high standards. We manufacture in New Zealand so our garments are made ethically, sustainably and so we can tightly control quality from start to finish. Our staff have over 200 years’ of collective experience; from the knit technicians through to hand finishers, our team is passionate about creating beautifully made garments.

Thoughtfully designed, sustainably created, quality NZ made knitwear.

A Bit More About Our Yarns

NZ Merino

Our national super-fibre is the best Merino wool in the world thanks to New Zealand’s unique environment. Throughout history fashion designers around the world have embraced Merino Fibre for its many unique properties.

This natural fibre is renewable, biodegradable, breathable, multi-climatic, easy care, flame retardant, durable, insulating, moisture-wicking, sun safe and has natural elasticity.

Merino Wool is the ultimate fibre and provides us with infinite possibilities to design garments that can be worn next to skin through to tough outerwear.

We are proud partners with The Campaign For Wool NZ.

Italian Cashmere

Our cashmere is spun in Italy by the best Italian cashmere spinners who have centuries of knowledge and expertise in spinning the most luxurious yarns in the world.

Cashmere is renowned for making the world’s most luxurious garments. 3 times warmer than regular wool, this superfine fibre remains lightweight yet incredibly soft because the fibres are hollow and trap air inside which regulates body temperature.

Looked after with love and the right care cashmere garments will improve with age and are the ultimate travel garment that can always be found in the luggage of every discerning traveller.

Find out more about our cashmere at

Supima Cotton

The very best extra -long staple (ELS) cotton fibre is grown in the southwest states of America and is called Supima Cotton. Often referred to as Pima Cotton.

Here at Standard Issue we have partnered with a Japanese spinner who hand picks the very best quality Pima Cotton from the USA to produce the best quality yarns using the most innovative Japanese spinning techniques.

The results can be found in our range of seamless cotton garments from super light cotton tulle through to the ultimate collection of modern basics.

Find out more about our cotton at


Shima Seiki Wholegarment Technology

Our technically advanced knitting machines specialise in creating garments all-in-one. The average V Neck Slouchy takes 87minutes to knit. These seamless styles are more durable as seams are the weak spot of most garments. They are better to wear against the skin and layer as there are no bulky seams. Seamless garments are better for the environment as their production has a minimal carbon footprint.


Seamless Wholegarment

Knitted using our wholegarment machines. Garments have no side, arm or shoulder seams.

Zero Waste

Knitted using our wholegarment machines, garments come off the machine as-is. The most sustainable method of knitwear manufacture.

Fully Fashioned

The traditional method of knitwear manufacture. Each part of the garment is knitted to shape and linked together.

Cut & Sew

Knitted fabric is cut and sewn together, utilising traditional patterncutting.


The term used to decribe the thickness/weight of a knitted fabric. The lower the number, the thicker/heavier the fabric (originally 4gg was 4 needles per inch and 18gg was 18 needles per inch, etc etc.)