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care for life / renew, reuse, repurpose.

Standard Issue garments are designed with a complete, circular life cycle in mind. we are dedicated to protecting the environmental footprint of each garment we create and taking responsibility for its life, even after you’ve finished wearing it. our care for life promise pledges our commitment to work alongside you to select the best next step for your cherished knit, based on the condition we receive it in.

care for life is based on our core zero-waste principles: renew, reuse, repurpose.


each Standard Issue garment is crafted to last a lifetime, it is always our first hope to repair a well-loved garment. repairs are classed as minor or complex after assessment by our workroom team. minor repairs are completed free of charge, and complex repairs range from $30-$60 depending on the repair required. fees for complex repairs reflect the cost of our menders' time spent on the garment.


for garments that no longer hold a special place in your heart but are still fit for wear, we encourage you to gift it onto someone who may be in need. we are proud to work alongside local community organizations to redistribute clothing on your behalf to those who need it most.


for clothing that is beyond renewing or reusing, we have partnered with a New Zealand based textile recycling company, who repurpose raw, waste materials into household and commercial textile products. the 100% natural fibers used in the production of Standard Issue garments makes this the perfect fit. any elements of our garments that can't be recycled (such as buttons and zips) are removed from the garment for repurposing within our own workroom, the remainder of the garment is then collected along with our workroom textile waste and diverted for recycling.

what can you repair?

all repairs are assessed by our menders and determined to be either minor (free of charge) or complex ($30-$60 depending on repair required). all complex mends are quoted prior to repair, you can decide if you wish to proceed, have the garment returned to you or recycle it through our repurposing program.

examples of minor repairs include:

-moth holes
-missing buttons
-reattaching labels
-small ladders

we will not repair:

-threadbare items
-numerous holes / tears (4 or more seperate holes)
-items deemed unrepairable by our expert menders


email info@standardissue.co.nz with a brief description of the mend required or drop to one of our stores for our team to process.

-your garment will be assessed at our Auckland workroom within one week of receipt (return address advised via email)
-your repair will be classed as minor (free of charge) or complex ($30-$60 depending on repair required).
-your garment is repaired (if classed as ‘complex’ repair is completed after payment is received) and returned to you via courier or to store for collection. note repairs can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

tips before returning a garment for repair:

-please launder your knit, we will not accept garments that have not been washed
-clearly indicate areas requiring repair either by including a note or marking with clear sellotape

what can i expect my repair to look like?

loved clothing shows wear, and we want to celebrate + encourage wearing your Standard Issue for a lifetime. our in-house team of expert craftspeople determine the best method for repair on a case-by-case basis, carefully selecting the closest yarn match that we have on hand to get the best result. our mends are completed neatly by hand meaning they are visible post-repair, we believe this only adds to the intrinsic value of a cherished knit and the unique story each one holds.

what if my garment can't be repaired?

if your garment can't be repaired we will honor a fair deal commitment.

our fair deal commitment:
-a good will discount to purchase a replacement item
-recycling of the garment through our textile recycling program or return of garment to you free of freight charge.

please note faulty items are processed seperately from our care for life program - for more information regarding returning a faulty item please click here