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Our Fibers


Merino is renowned as being one of the most natural, sustainable, and functional fibers of our time and has been embraced by fashion designers for hundreds of years. Its unique exquisite natural properties make it warm, breathable, insulating and moisture-wicking and it has a natural UV of SPF 40+. The extra-long fibers give knitted fabrics stability, elasticity and natural drape. Here at Standard Issue it is our most widely used yarn and is knitted in various gauges from the finest 18gg to a heavy 4gg weight.

Supima Cotton

American Supima Cotton is characterised by the extra long staple fibre which sets it apart from other cotton varieties grown around the world. The unique qualities of this yarn include strength, softness and colour retention. Standard Issue cotton is 100% Supima Cotton grown in the USA and spun and dyed in Japan using a special high twist spinning technology to create more durable garments with added elasticity and comfort.


Alpaca is a naturally soft, durable and luxurious fiber. It has many desirable natural properties including warmth being three times warmer than regular wool, hypoallergenic and is water repellent. At Standard Issue we use a blend of Alpaca, wool and acrylic to bring you chunky 4gg knits that remain lightweight and the perfect choice for outer layer garments.

Italian Cashmere

Cashmere is our most luxurious yarn and at Standard Issue we take no shortcuts when it comes to producing these exceptional garments. We guarantee an accurate selection of the best fibers available and the careful control of every production process to deliver unique garments characterized by both handmade attention and technical research. Standard Issue cashmere yarn is spun and dyed in Italy by Cariaggi, a third-generation cashmere spinner. We offer you the ultimate soft lightweight garments with unparalleled luxury.