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our fibers

ZQ merino

merino / for now and forever

yours for a lifetime, our low impact ethical merino is light and generous in warmth, breathing naturally to regulate temperature.

deceptively soft / exceptionally strong

our renewable super-fine merino offers you a softness that sets it apart – yet it has a strength that’s made for everyday wear.

slow-crafted / in balance with nature

our merino is fully traceable and sourced from growers who share our values of respect for land, people, and animals. nurturing the land through regenerative practices our wool is slow-crafted in balance with nature from field to stitch.


okewa / uniquely aotearoa

celebrating our kiwi heritage, our okewa yarn is a unique blend of possum down, zq merino and mulberry silk. delivered into our hands from local farmers, carrying the values and principals we live by as custodians of the land.

airy lightness / endlessly warm

te reo for ‘rain cloud’, our okewa yarn creates endlessly warm knits that boast an airy lightness and supreme softness, made to be treasured through cozy winter days.

it begins on the land / regenerate + restore

this beautiful yarn celebrates our journey beyond sustainability, towards regenerative practices. endlessly soft and lovingly warm, each okewa knit has been crafted with great care and love for you, forever.


cashmere / quality over quantity

our cashmere yarn is proudly sourced from an italian mill run by the cariaggi family based in the beautiful small town of smirra. at the heart of each cashmere knit we create is generations of craftmanship and the value of quality over quantity.

superior softness / exceptional warmth

made from cashmere down sourced from the capra hircus laniger goat that roam several areas in china and mongolia our cashmere boasts extraordinary properties including superior softness and exceptional warmth.

preserve + protect / cherish forever

in harmony with our own principles, the utmost care is taken to ensure protection of animal, territory and shepherds as cariaggi work to safeguard the place of origin of this wonderous fibre, allowing us to craft knits you can cherish forever.


ameco / distinctive by nature

our ameco yarn is an exceptional blend of alpaca, zq merino and cotton that is traceable to source and spun locally before being created into a forever knit in our tāmaki makaurau workroom.

gloriously warm / crafted for life

crafted in a low count, this yarn is knitted on our 4 and 7 gauge machines to create a mid to heavy weight knit providing you with the feeling of a warm embrace with each wear, for seasons to come.

cotton cashmere

cotton-cashmere / luxury redefined

intertwining the finest long-staple fibres, the luxurious properties of our 95% cotton, 5% cashmere blend allows for both seamless whole-garment knitting and delicate stitch techniques, without compromising softness or strength.

breathable year-round comfort / endless love

combining the stability and breathability of cotton with a touch of warmth from luxurious cashmere, our lightweight knits crafted in this beautiful blend make for the perfect year-round next-to-skin layer.

in balance with you / in balance with nature

each piece in our cotton-cashmere blend has been designed to harmonise with your down-time whether that be physical or quiet to help support you refuel your body, mind and spirit.

bio-organic cotton

organic cotton / with care for people and place

our bio-organic cotton is spun in Italy using innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes that have a low environmental impact. in continuous pursuit of quality without compromise, this organic yarn is made with heart placing environment and people first.

utility / to move with you through the seasons

traceable to source and grown with no harmful pesticides this special fibre is knitted on our mid-weight machines then hand-finished by our expert team of craftspeople. each knit has a crisp handle and is crafted with longevity in mind, for you to treasure forever.

supima cotton

supima cotton / zero-waste, seamless tulle

blending innovation with craftsmanship, we are proud to work with supima for their increasing efforts in pairing land regeneration with sustainable growing methods for our cotton tulle. the cotton is traceable and processed in california with no waste, and is spun in japan using an innovative high-twist technology for strength and softness. 93% of supima’s cotton harvest comes from san joaquin valley, 3% is grown in arizona, 2% in new mexico, and 2% in texas. grown across 500 family owned farms, supima cotton represents a very small 1% of global cotton production. the multiple generations that manage the cotton farms each consider their land a legacy and responsibility, to be cared for by us as its custodians. this aligns so beautifully with our own values and practices.