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Our Fibers


Merino wool is renowned for being one of the most sustainable, functional natural fibers. Its unique natural properties make for an insulating, breathable, durable & biodegradable material with a natural UV of SPF 40+. Our Merino yarn boasts extra-long fibers offering supreme stability, elasticity and natural drape. All of our Merino yarn meets the OEKO-TEX® standard 100, ensuring the safest chemical-free quality of this natural fibre.

Supima Cotton

The extra-fine, long staple quality of Supima Cotton makes it the perfect fibre for our Cotton Tulle garments. Grown in the Southwest of America and spun in Japan using the newest high-twist spinning technology, Supima prioritises care for the environment through the restriction of chemicals, methods of naturally controlling pesticides, and water efficiency. The collaboration of American grown cotton & Japanese spinning techniques sets this cotton apart from other global varieties. Luxuriously smooth, Supima Cotton is 100% traceable, biodegradable, and is processed with zero-waste. Twice as strong as regular cotton, Supima makes for incredibly resilient, long-lasting garments with added elasticity and comfort.


In partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative, our luxurious cotton employs unique spinning technology to give a strong fibre with a crisp, soft finish. Spun in Japan using long-staple fibers, the durable properties of our BCI cotton allows for both seamless wholegarment knitting and intricate stitch techniques, without compromising its strength. This quality fiber is easy to care for and is sure to retain its colour and softness for seasons to come.


Naturally hypoallergenic, durable and breathable, Linen is one of the strongest and most environmentally friendly natural fibers, requiring a fraction of the water during production compared with other plant fibers. Utilised in both woven and knitted form, the Linen we work with for our Spring Summer collection, is equally as stable as it is soft.


Cashmere is renowned for making the world’s most luxurious garments. Three times warmer than regular wool, this superfine fibre remains lightweight yet incredibly soft thanks to its hollow fibre structure which allows for the trapping of air, and the regulating of body temperature. Here at Standard Issue, we understand that not all Cashmere is created equal. To ensure the highest quality of fibre and finish, we’ve partnered with the Carriagi Cashmere Mill – based in Cagli, Italy. With over 60 years of experience and three generations of Italian craftsmanship and knowledge, Carriagi is known as the finest spinning mill in the world. Carriagi gives the utmost care and attention to the protection of the animal, territory, and farmers used in each stage of the Cashmere process, perfectly aligning with our quality standards. Looked after with love and appropriate care, our Cashmere is sure to keep its exceptional touch and quality for years to come.