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Our Fibers


Yours for a lifetime, our merino is light and generous in warmth thanks to the incredible temperature regulating, breathable properties of the merino sheep’s fleece. The merino we work with is 19.5 microns. Compared with the fineness of human hair, measuring about 75 microns, the fineness of our wool promises a softness that sets it apart. Each of our yarns are dyed using OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified dyes, ensuring the safest chemical-free quality and strictly regulated waste water management. The non-toxic nature of our knits mean they are fully compostable at the end of their life. Slowly crafted with no detail overlooked, our merino knits offer a strength that’s made for every day wear.

Supima Cotton

Blending innovation with craftsmanship, we are proud to work with Supima for their increasing efforts in pairing land regeneration with sustainable growing methods for our cotton tulle. The cotton is traceable and processed in California with no waste, and is spun in Japan using an innovative high-twist technology for strength and softness. 93% of Supima’s cotton harvest comes from San Joaquin Valley, 3% is grown in Arizona, 2% in New Mexico, and 2% in Texas. Grown across 500 family owned farms, Supima cotton represents a very small 1% of global cotton production. The multiple generations that manage the cotton farms each consider their land a legacy and responsibility, to be cared for by us as its custodians. This aligns so beautifully with our own Standard Issue values and practices.


Cherished knits that make the Winter chill enticing - our cashmere is yours for a lifetime. Airy and generous in warmth paired with an indulgent softness, it’s beautiful in a way you deserve every day. We are proud to partner with an Italian cashmere mill, run by the Carriagi family based in the beautiful small town of Smirra, Italy. Our cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus Laniger goat, from inner Mongolia. It was an obvious choice for us to work with Carriagi, as their small but well-known production methods are of exceptional quality. The utmost care is taken to ensure protection of the animal, territory, and the shephards as Carriagi works to safeguard the place of origin for their raw cashmere fibers. We are proud of the relationship we have built with the Carriagi family – their care and attention to the land, people and animals combined with generations of craftsmanship and knowledge is in perfect harmony with our own quality standards. We believe it is this quality and care that makes our cashmere so much more beautiful.


Gentle and enduring, our lofty alpaca is like a cozy companion for cool Winter days. Designed to be enjoyed over the decades, our alpaca promises to only soften more with age and adoration. Generous in warmth and endlessly soft, each special alpaca knit has almost twice the warmth of regular wool, like a warm hug for cold winter days for this season and many to come. Welcoming a calm palette of seasonal shades, reminiscent of slow winter days we know and love. Encompassing silhouettes pair with small and considered details, where we believe quality is found.

Kiri Cotton

Our Kiri Cotton is knitted from the finest cotton produced in the Italian province of Novara, by a family who share our values of respect for our natural resources, land and people. Adhering to the most rigorous ecological production standards, all raw materials are traceable back to their source and are BCI & OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. Drawing energy from 100% renewable sources, the Novara factory maintains a carbon zero output. We are grateful for the familiarity and relationships we have built with our yarn suppliers. It’s their expertise and knowledge of fibre combined with our precision and care of design, fit and make that promises a quality and timelessness made to last a lifetime. Knitted locally in our Auckland workroom with a slow and considered attention to detail and the assurance of enduring quality wash after wash. Each beautiful knit has been crafted with the stories of the hands that made them.

Recycled Denim

Circular from fibre to knit, our Recycled Denim collection celebrates the old made new, holding our value of zero-waste design at its core. It is with care and knowledge that we have chosen to work with our Recycled Denim. We are proud of the journey we have gone on to source this beautiful yarn, closing the loop on garments that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each unique knit in this collection has been made from discarded denim jeans that have been reproduced into yarn, ready for us to knit. Preserving the original jean colour, no new dyes or chemicals are added to the denim, promising no additional water has been used in the process. Any remnant yarn created in the making of each knit will be repurposed into household batting and insulation, maintaining its life, long after the denim and knit itself. Available in Denim and Indigo, both true-to-nature hues that tell the story of the denim’s origin. Unique in its details, each knit tells the story of the hands that made it.

Cotton Cashmere

Spun in Italy using the finest long-staple fibers, the luxurious properties of our 90% cotton, 10% cashmere blend allows for both seamless whole-garment knitting and delicate stitch techniques, without compromising softness or strength. Combining the stability and breathability of cotton with a touch of warmth from luxurious Italian cashmere, the lightweight knits crafted in this beautiful blend make for the perfect year-round next-to-skin layer.

Okewa Possum

Celebrating our kiwi heritage, Okewa is a unique blend of possum, merino and silk. Delivered into our hands from local farmers, carrying the values and principals we live by as custodians of the land. Te Reo for ‘Rain Cloud’, Okewa is a collection of endlessly warm knits that boast an airy lightness and supreme softness, made to be treasured through cozy Winter days. It is a gift to share this beautiful yarn sustainably derived from our land with you. Protecting our native wildlife, flora and fauna through the eradication of possums is essential to promoting sustainable biodiversity of our land. Blending New Zealand ZQ merino wool, by-product possum fur and Mulberry silk, this beautiful yarn celebrates our journey beyond sustainability, towards regenerative practices. Endlessly soft and lovingly warm, each Okewa knit has been crafted with great care and love in our Auckland workroom. We hope you enjoy it.