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Made for Sharing : Ava, Kalyani, Saraid, Thies & Zoë

For the final part in our Made for Sharing series, and to celebrate the launch of this season’s Kiri cotton iterations, we spoke with Ava on what a shared life looks like for their beautiful flat family.

Reigning true to our core principals of no-waste, functional design, we believe the test of a quality knit is one that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Easy to wear and beautifully made, these forever knits celebrate our philosophy of multi-wear between lovers, partners, friends and family.

Captured by Rob Tennent, Ava, Kalyani, Saraid, Thies and Zoe wear our Kiri Long Sleeve Crew & Kiri Tee in Arctic.


Clothing that’s made for everyone – what does that look like to you?
Size inclusivity so that someone of any size to feel as comfortable or as sexy as the other. Clothing that isn't defined by gender. Clothing is for self expression, not for people to be put in a box that restricts them.
There’s a subliminal mutual influence that comes with sharing a home, closeness or life together. How do you think you indirectly influence each other? 
I think that by living with others, there is no doubt that I am influenced by those I am surrounded by whether it's conscious or unconscious. I'm often influenced by positive traits or patterns, and eventually take them on as my own. It might be as simple as turning off a light when a room is not occupied, to actively going out of my way to compliment someone as a selfless act of love. I know I am easily influenced and often think how can I be of some influence to someone, especially those I live with.



What would you say is the most important thing you share together?  
Quality time!! Nothing beats actually sitting down and unpacking current events, the current state of our hearts over delicious food.
In an ever increasing world of ‘busy’ how do you stay connected to one another? 
I like to remind people that I love them by surprising them with lovely messages or personal videos. That or over food!


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