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Recycled Denim

Recycled Denim

Inspired by our journey toward building a sustainable & regenerative world, we continue to be deeply inspired by the blending of multi-generational craftsmanship with technological innovation – always with the hope of creating forever pieces that give more back to our earth than they take. Circular from fibre to knit, our Recycled Denim collection celebrates the old made new, holding our value of zero-waste design at its core. It is with care and knowledge that we have chosen to work with our Recycled Denim. We are proud of the journey we have gone on to source this beautiful yarn, closing the loop on garments that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each unique knit in this collection has been made from discarded denim jeans that have been reproduced into yarn, ready for us to knit. Preserving the original jean colour, no new dyes or chemicals are added to the denim, promising no additional water has been used in the process. Any remnant yarn created in the making of each knit will be repurposed into household batting and insulation, maintaining its life, long after the denim and knit itself.

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