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Our textural and base merino layers are grounded in the stories of their make and quality of natural fibre. Yours for a lifetime, our Merino is light and generous in warmth thanks to the incredible temperature regulating, breathable properties of the Merino sheep’s fleece. Our Merino wool is hand-sourced from New Zealand and Australian farms, with high standards of animal welfare and biodiversity standards, because happier sheep grow better wool. We are currently transitioning to using only New Zealand ZQ Merino, which is a journey we are excited to be on. The merino we work with is 19.5 microns. Compared with the fineness of human hair, measuring about 75 microns, the fineness of our wool promises a softness that sets it apart. Each of our yarns are dyed using OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified dyes, ensuring the safest chemical-free quality and strictly regulated waste water management. The non-toxic nature of our knits mean they are fully compostable at the end of their life. Knitted in the round in to render them without seams, each knit offers a strength that’s made for eve-ry day wear. Crafted in our Auckland workroom with the promise of a lifetime of care, through our Care for Life program. Our dedication to protecting the environmental footprint of each garment we create goes beyond our workroom, as we collectively strive towards restoring our beautiful land for future generations. Made to be yours, forever.

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