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Our Processes

Zero Waste Knitting

Knitted using our whole garment machines, garments come off the machine as-is and are without side, arm or shoulder seams. This zero-waste manufacture is the most sustainable form of knitwear production, addressing the issue of textile waste, and reducing the overall environmental impact of clothing production.

Fully Fashioned

Fully fashioned knitwear is the traditional method of knitwear manufacture. Garment panels are knitted to shape and linked together at the seams using a manually-operated linking machine. Fully fashioned knitwear allows for a comfortable fit with sleek, clean seams.

Cut & Sew

Cut & sew is a form of manufacture where customised pieces of knit are cut using traditional pattern cutting techniques, before being sewn to shape. This form of production allows for the use of heavier weight yarns, along with complex jacquard and intarsia stitch designs.